Do you have a Gluten Grudge?

Just hearing the word Gluten can strike fear in an ever-growing number of people. Those who are sensitive to gluten-containing foods may suffer from uncomfortable side effects including stomach discomfort and painful bloating. Most people know gluten is found in many grain-based foods such as pasta, bread, and cereals, but did you know that gluten may also lurk in many other items such as canned soups, salad dressings, and more? Don’t settle for suffering…set your stomach up for success and enjoy your favorite foods with GlutenCutter.®

  • Formulated with GCX50™, a proprietary blend of enzymes

  • Helps break down gluten*

  • Easy to use, fast-acting capsule delivery*

  • Contains a blend of soothing herbs*


CAUTION: If you have Celiac Disease, use only under your physician’s supervision